Day Eighteen

insulation on the grass
insulation on the grass

As I left to take H to school today a very big truck was arriving at the house and I was most intrigued to know what was going to be our latest delivery.  Well, here it is, lots and lots of insulation.  I am tempted to make myself a little den out of it because it has turned really cold here again and draughty is not the word for our place again.  Mum could feel a draught in a desert – I don’t think she’d like it here at the moment.

insulation on the drive
insulation on the drive

The en suite shower room is on its way out.  These are the before, we’ll get the after tomorrow when the wall is removed that adjoins the bathroom that was.  The last picture shows the old bathroom, you can hardly get in.

ensuite left
ensuite left and Lennie, having a sniff
ensuite to right
en suite to right, and Lucy
insulate insulate insulate
insulate insulate insulate

Lastly for now,  huge progress today,  the loo is working in the new bathroom, hooray. Yes, I’m keeping the cover on the seat, for ever if possible. The new bath will be up and running tomorrow. Only problem – there’s no light in there right now.  There’s always candlelight.  How delightful.

bedroom to bathroom
bedroom to bathroom

Off to collect every bed warming item I can find to keep us all cosy tonight.   Almost wishing I had a onesie!!


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