Day Thirty-Two

What a funny day it’s been.  Sun, snow, hailstones, wind, great bright blue skies and a chill in the air.  These tulips would manage to cheer even the most solemn face. tulips

We had a visit from the window man, that’s the next big step.  Today’s big questions were how many astragals on the upstairs windows and what lighting to have upstairs.  All sorted now.

Two pictures from upstairs today, one from the front, the other from the back.  The whole perimeter is plasterboarded now and the ceiling (or walls, depending on who you ask) is next.

back to front today
back to front today
front to back today
front to back today



p.s.  Look what I got for Mothers’ Day.   I swear you would get 8 cups from it, it’s massive.  I’m saving it for once the regeneration is done.  I absolutely love it to bits.  Thanks to my lovely children and husband xxxxx



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