Day Thirty-Three

We have skeleton rooms now, it is brilliant to see the space divided up and the zones making sense.  The two front rooms are a good size and the bathroom seems tiny.  I’ve been in with my measuring tape making sure I can fit my wider bath in.   I can.  We need to think about where to put the sink though to allow for a rather bright mirror my husband spotted when we were looking for bathrooms.  Looking good eh?

from the top of the stairs
from the top of the stairs
back to front today
back to front today

These two cabinets have been upstairs and moved about the whole time the upstairs has been getting done.  They originally fitted in the space where the little toilet was, before it was installed.  They sit one on top of the other and I have them earmarked to go in the front room eventually.  I need to clean them up and they will get painted white.  Once we have some room somewhere they will finally make it down the stairs.  Nobody knows how they ever got up the old stairs in the first place.  A mystery.

restoration project for later
restoration project for later



Other Stuff

H has these permanently on her head ready for Comic Relief, funny how quickly you get used to something daft like these! RND_Boppers_140_v1_m56577569834367805Her other excitement is having 7 newborn chicks in her classroom.  She is at the back so she is keeping a good eye on them.  I was introduced to them after school today, very cute indeed.

The boys are loving playing Minecraft with pals online. Wish I understood why it is so exciting or is the whole idea that I don’t get it I wonder…


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