5 June 2013 Headphones

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

This polystyrene head appeared one day at our house, it was meant for my niece’s A/S Art coursework but it ended up here by a mistake.  It was meant to go in the bin but teenboy took a shine to it and he has had it in his room ever since, just waiting for a use.   Today he got new x-box headphones ,they are brilliant, so he says.  Anyway, the polystyrene head is now a headphone holder, I think they are a perfect match.

The regeneration has just about come to a grinding halt, the blog has been sorely neglected and I am on a mission to put that right.  Tomorrow is painting day again, I must get the back bedroom finished.  The carpets are still not here, not a good conversation point for me at the moment.

We had a brilliantly sunny and sociable weekend, long may the sun shine here.  Here’s the dining table on Friday morning, this is where I sit when I write my blog most of the time.  It is not usually so clear and tidy!

31 May
31 May

Another dining table, this time it’s the one outside that actually got used for tea last night, a very rare occurance here in Edinburgh.  I love eating al fresco, it was fantastic last night apart from me bodging the mash by using the hand blender, I should know better, don’t ever make that mistake, it does something really weird to the starch in the potatoes.  Yuck.

drinks and cutlery ready for tea
drinks and cutlery ready for tea

I’ve not managed nature in the home yet today, it will be coming your way soon x


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