Day Eleven, Goodbye Stairs

The old staircase has gone.  It took a bit of an effort to get it out, it had to be cut into bits.  It was well set into the plaster.  Now there’s a ladder.  Goodbye old stairs, you have served the house well but it’s time to go.

Coat cupboard before with underneath of stairs
Coat cupboard before with underneath of stairs
stair nearly out terrible pic sorry
the brickwork where the stair was
the brickwork where the stair was

The stairs were in a cupboard that backed onto a cupboard at right angles if that makes sense.  Now you can get right through.  This space will be used to put a massive pressurised water tank in which means we can run all 3 showers at once if needs be.  Brilliant. I live in hope that teenboy and his siblings may wash spontaneously in the future.  Its capacity is 250L .  Told you it was massive. We had hoped it would be in today but the delivery was really late.  Right now they are trying to get things so at least the heating is working. Very kind to think of us, snow forecast for tonight.

the new stairs
the new stairs
the mega tank
the mega tank

So, the old plumbing is all out upstairs, or should I say upladders?  Fantastic.  The new floor can get done now and then the dormers.

Other Stuff

We tried Nigella’s crepes last night with raspberries, delicious.  Going to make some for tonight too, not sure if they’ll be American, crepes or Scotch.  The troops can decide.  I’ll leave them all to it though, I’m off out down Leith later for tea at the Rose Leaf.  Canny wait.

Happy pancake making, these are in case you need them:-

Think i’m going to make this pancake week, enjoy x


5 thoughts on “Day Eleven, Goodbye Stairs

  1. Love the sound of the pressurised tank for your three showers at once! Thanks for the links off to make the nigella batter saves me looking my recipe outK x

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