Day Fourteen

That’s the end of the third week and what a difference.  The space for the stairs is nearly sorted, the prep for the front dormer has been done and as much of the floor as possible is down. The new megatank is in, we have hot water and heating for the weekend which is joyous.  We still have the bathroom to finalise and order and we are nearly there, I think.

Here are the daily progress photos, thanks to my inhouse photographer.

down to old bathroom, the space framed in timber is where the stair will go
down to old bathroom, the space framed in timber is where the stair will go
looking front to back
looking front to back
looking forward today
looking forward today



Other Stuff

What a fantastic day it has been in Edinburgh, sunny, bright and little wind.  We were at the Zoo today which was somewhere we went loads when the boys were little.  Towards the end of our membership I felt that every time we went there were fewer animals and things were going downhill.  We did not renew our membership. I am delighted to say my faith in the zoo has been completely restored today.   The pandas were first on our list and they were very entertaining to watch and totally lived up to the hype there’s been about them. Brilliant creatures.  The rest of the time was spent wandering up and down (if you’ve been there you’ll know what I mean), checking out the squirrel monkeys, rhinos, penguins and lots more too.  We had 6 children with us and they had a great time spotting the animals and we spent ages in the chimpanzee house watching our close relatives.  My friend and I debated the right and wrongs of keeping such intelligent apes in captivity while the children did the obligatory brass rubbings with the fantastically enthusiastic volunteers.  We now have the penguin.  I enjoyed it so much I’m considering getting a family membership again.

Wishing you all a great weekend x


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