Day Sixteen

by lunchtime the outline of the new dormer was there
by lunchtime the outline of the new dormer was there

I left the subphotographer to record the proceedings today so I can’t really tell you how it went.  I’ll simply show you what’s happened in my absence.

end of day today
end of day today
inside once everyone had gone
inside once everyone had gone

It is so good to see some construction rather than destruction happening.  The dormer has really opened up the space at the front upstairs.  This window will be shared by the two front bedrooms.  Each bedroom will also have a Velux window.

It is a joy to report that today I finally finished ordering the downstairs bathroom.  I have spent far too much time deciding exactly what to have in it. Phew, I’m done.  We’re to have a bath, sink, toilet and a shower.  Pretty standard issue bathroom in the end, it was deciding which one of each particular item to choose that took the time.  There are so many variable factors that getting it all sorted is way more torturous than I remember from the last time we chose a bathroom.  Can you believe I spent an hour and a half at a builders’ merchant this afternoon to sort out the shower, enclosure and tray?  I thought I had it sorted before I went in!  Anyway, that’s a good job done and hopefully choosing the rest will be a cinch.

Other Stuff

The subphotographer (my husband) thought you might like to know that he ran all the way home from Musselburgh yesterday. Pretty impressive. Ten miles – it took him an hour and a half and the best bit is he deliberately ran an extra few metres to make it the 10 miles exactly. Not bad eh!


3 thoughts on “Day Sixteen

  1. For Chris : “Run Forrest Ruuuun!”

    For Katie : word of advice from when we were picking bathroom stuff, although this is probably too late, remember that if bathroom suite is not all from the same range/manufacturer, that the whites can all be quite different whites… I personally think you NEED an avocado suite 🙂

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